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Hot/Cold Therapy Pad | Strawberry x Natural

Hot/Cold Therapy Pad | Strawberry x Natural

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An all natural hot/cold therapy pad with removable slip cover for easy washing. Heat to soothe and relax tension and muscle discomfort anywhere on your body, or to simply warm you up. Freeze for 1+ hr to use as a cold compress. 

Spray slip cover with your favourite linen spray to elevate the experience with your therapy pad! 

RTS: Ready to ship/pick up within 1-3 business days.

Remove slip cover and set aside. Lay rice filled insert in microwave as flat as possible. Heat in 30 second intervals and shake bag in between heating until desired temperature is reached, do not overheat.

Remove slip cover and set aside. Place rice filled insert in freezer for 1+ hours to use as a cold compress,.

Measures 18" L x 6" W

Removable slip cover for easy washing. 

Slip Cover: 100% Cotton | Insert: 100% Cotton | Filling: Unscented Rice

Remove slip cover and machine wash in cold water and hang to dry or tumble dry on a delicate or gentle cycle.

Do not wash the rice filled insert

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